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Fionn McWilliam 

   I’m a fourth generation photographer, but I didn’t discover that until I started digging through my family history. My passion started with oceans and landscapes, and as I explored my heritage, grew to encompass urban environments. The complexity of movement and interaction of objects in space draw me to discover more opportunities to expand my passion. 


   I grew up in Gloucester on the Massachusetts coast, with its stunning granite and rich history. There I started my understanding of art on the more practical side, with boatbuilding and woodcraft. These crafts helped lay my creative foundation, so that when my parents handed me an Olympus OM-1 as my first camera, I never looked back.


    Since then, I’ve seen the United States through the glass of a camera lens. These adventures have taken me from the cliffs of the Oregon coast, through the plains of the midwest, and now back home to the rolling waves of eastern Massachusetts. Until the next trip, I realize that the moments I capture here are what fulfill me, and what I love to share. 


    Thank you for stopping by to see these moments.

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